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The GG Story

Gibbons are one of the few primate species that maintain monogamous, loyal relationships for most of their lives. And they are pretty cool. Especially when GREEN!

Our partnership with Blugibbon gives Greengibbon access to their exclusive network of compliant doctors around Australia.  This means we don’t have to rely on third parties to source the talented medical staff which saves significant time and cost.  Greengibbon passes these savings onto their clients by offering straight up and down price packages. We know the importance of early detection and education.  Our team get so excited when companies share our passion to improve the lives of its people.  Healthy workforces make happy workplaces.


Meet the Team

As founder of In Bloom, Joannie is interested in improving productivity, collaboration, and wellbeing of organisations across Australia through bespoke corporate wellness strategies. Joannie leverages her extensive training in yoga, meditation, and nutrition to inspire, inform and empower others to live happier, healthier lives. With stress levels and sick days at an all time high, Joannie wants to help you increase your company’s wealth by empowering your teams to claim their mental and physical health.
Over 15 years working with doctors around Australia. Sam realised the need for a quality on site medical service when his mates who owned businesses kept asking for one of his doctors to check their teams were in good shape. Sam has access to the best doctors in the industry. Sam likes uses his bicycle commute and an lunchtime HIIT session to keep his stress levels down and positive vibes up.

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